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Looking for some info

I came across this image today and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what it's from and when it's coming out :)?
I'm also looking for a pick up on it if anyone knows more ^_^ I'm in love with those mugs


Halloween clean!

So today I decided to do some cleaning out, my desk is getting crowded (not to speak of the rest of my collection)

I'll be adding more items to my sales over the day but firstly the main reason I'm making this post is I'll be putting up the second plush I've ever made for sale, I just want it to get a great home and be appreciated by someone who loves the Alola Vulpix as much as I do!

So without further ado:

Custom Alola Vulpix plush
- made by me
- minky with felt details, hand embroiderd nose and mouth and some fluffy fabric.
- comes from a dog friendly home, hasn't been in contact but if you're heavily allergic please keep this in mind!
- based roughly on the kuttari line but a bit bigger, measures nose to tail 26cm, so somewhat between 10-11 inches I guess :)
More picturesCollapse )
Sales policy here, please read if you'd want to give Vulpix a new home :)Collapse )

My other sales can be found here, there have been some additions like coin banks and lowered prices!


Permanent Sales Post


I was granted sales permission on March 23rd, 2016 by areica96.

My feedback is located here.
All community rules apply (i.e. will not sell to banned members, non-members, etc.)

I ship from Belgium, Europe. I do ship internationally so don't hesitate to ask me for a quote.
I can ship out almost daily. I will always try and get your items mailed out the next day (unless that is a sunday because the post office is closed then)

Item prices listed are in EURO and do not include shipping or PayPal fees.
I only accept payment via PayPal.

Payment is to be made within 24 hours unless an arrangement is made
If you are committed, please say so. Asking for a quote does not automatically mean committed.
Backing out of a sale will result in negative feedback. I will always try and work things out with you first however.

All items come from a smoke-free home.
I do own pets(4 dogs and a cat), they do not come near my plush and stuff but keep in mind they do live in the same house so if you have very bad allergies you might want to keep this in mind.

I am not responsible for packages once they have been shipped out. I will save proof of sending for up to 3 months.
If you want insured package or a tracking number please let me know as it may add to the cost of shipping.

Do note due to my job and the time difference I might reply slowly.

By purchasing items from me, you are indicating that you agree to the conditions of these policies.
Please let me know when your item arrives and leave me a link to your feedback page and I will gladly exchange feedback with you!

And just so I know you've read all this please mention dinosaurs in your post somewhere ^_^

If you'd like more detailed pictures of anything don't be shy to ask, these are small so not all details may come through in these pictures.


Blitzle line - All mint with tags, tags a tiny bit bent but not damaged-
Blitzle Pokedoll : 15 euro
Blitzle Tomy: 18 euro
Zebstrika MPC: 6 euro
Take them all home for 30 euro


2 euro each.

Rotom dex


Both in great condition could use a dusting or bath.

Bulbasaur 6 euro

Charmeleon 7 euro


All Coins in photo 1 and 2 0,75 euro each buy 3 and get one free.

SOLD: Sentret, Stantler, Murkrow

All coins in photo 3 and 4 0,50 euro each, buy 3 get 1 free; these coins have minor wear and tear ask for a better pic if you'd like to see more of it.

SOLD: Totodile, Hoppip, Whooper, Quagshire

Heavily damaged coins Free with any purchase

MARBLES +(Misplaced coins)

All marbles are 0,50 euro, buy 3 or more and get the pouch for free or take them all + pouch for 3 euro

pictured coins are 0,75 euro and can be added with the other coins I just found these after having taken pictures of the rest :)

Wiggelytuff is damaged and free with any purchase.

SOLD: Articuno


All straps are in mint condition

Miniswing Collection Figure strap (Bandai France 2006)
Feraligator 3 euro
Deoxy  1 euro
Torchick 2 euro

European Tomy straps
Piplup 2 euro
Shymin  3 euro


Stickers 0,10 euro each
Damaged: Seaking/Mr Mime (pick one for free with any other purchase)

SOLD: Ryhorn, Mr. Mime, Magmar, Nidorino

Stickers 0,10 euro each
Slightly Damaged: Graveler, Electrabuzz, Far'fetched, Clefairy (pick one free with any other purchase)

SOLD: Wartortle, Primeape, Graveler, Electabuzz, and Machop


More reference material!

Always wondered how big plushies are?
Fret no more I'm still trying out this reference photo stuff and took a few new pictures again.
I swapped the redbull can for a coke can as it's more widespread and I hope easier to relate to.

Vulpix Canvas

photo 1-10

This small little cutie is the vulpix canvas plush, it's a popular plush that usually doesn't come cheap, it's very cute though and super soft, I love the little smile on her face! More pictures under the cut

Vulpix canvasCollapse )

Vulpix egg plush

photo 3-7

This little cutie comes out of an egg, the egg is super cute but nothing compared to how cute that little vulpix is, it's tiny, soft and just look at that cutieface! What's not to love right?

Vulpix egg plushCollapse )

Unofficial Vulpix 12inch plush

And here is my last vulpix, do note this is a BOOTLEG plush, it's unofficial but it has no official counterpart. I would never advice anyone to buy bootlegs as the quality is just lesser, you're not supporting the company who makes pokemons and it's just not a good idea. But I altready have this and because it has no original counterpart I figured I'd show it aswell, you can also see the flaws then that they don't show on the stock pictures they use to sell these.

photo 5-7

The face of the unofficial plush is often a bit 'off' and mine is no exception, it's eyes are a tiny bit derpy and it has no mouth, I really miss that, usually it wears a collar so it looks better but in this case I'd show it as it is :) don't get me wrong it's pretty cute but the quality has nothing on for example the far smaller but way better made canvas plush

Unofficial VulpixCollapse )

Keldeo Pokedoll

photo 1-9

This is the regular form Keldeo pokedoll, I sadly do not have the resolute form so this is the best I can show, it is very soft and cute and stands up great even though it has such a big head, I have the american version.

Keldeo PokedollCollapse )

Regular Pokemon Center Keldeo

photo 5-8

This fella is a lot bigger than his pokedoll brother but equally soft! I think he looks so cute and happy! He can stand up by itself fine but his legs are thinner than the pokedoll and longer so you have to place him carefully so he doesn't topple over :) this is the japanese version

Pokemon center KeldeoCollapse )

New Fennekins!! + Size guide

Today I got a package from straight from Japan so happy to finally have these guys here!

photo 2-4

They came in the cutest bag and with a super cute cookie, so happy about the awesome service by the very sweet kairai1414 Thank you so much :)

This is how it was packaged <3

photo 5-2

Also I'm thinking of doing something usefull, I'm going to try and take proper size reference pictures of all my plushies so people have a better idea what plush they might want to buy will be like, I always find it hard to judge on pictures how big things are and sometimes find myself in doubt about buying it because of that so I'd like to help anyone out there who may feel the same with my size guide. I will eventually make a website for it which will be a cross between a collection website and reference site but for now I will post them here every once in a while.

As a reference I took a redbull can because that was the only can I had I hope that works if there are other suggestions of what may work better I'd be more than open to hear those :)

First 3 size guides coming right up! This years Christmass Fennekin, The PC regular Fennekin Plush and last years Christmas Fennekin plush, I hope you all enjoy!

Snowman Fennekin

photo 3-4

I think this is a very cute plush and decently priced for it's size, it is very soft whooly material and I think it's just so adorable with it's luttle scarf, the orange works great with the snow theme if you ask me

More pictures here of Snowman FennekinCollapse )

Next up the Pokemon Center regular Fennekin plush, this is the Japanese Version but I recon size wise there wouldn't be much difference

photo 2-5

It's the soft minky we all know from the PC plush and I think it's adorable, it is head-heavy as most fennekin are and it has the habit to topple forward if not placed correctly but if you take a moment to set it just right it stands up fine by itself.

PC Fennekin additional picturesCollapse )

And last but not least 2013 Christmas Fennekin

photo 1-6

This little Fella is surely on the top of my favorite plushies I own, it's just adorable and the fabric is very unique it is softer than it looks and that only adds to the cute! Mine sadly doesn't have a tag so no picture of that but I can assure you it is very adorable!

Christmas Fennekiny-goodness!Collapse )

Please let me know what you guys think about this idea and how I could improve it :)

New cabinet for the collection :)

Today I finally found a new cabinet to display my plushies in properly, turns out I already had it!
I just didn't think of it untill now, silly me. I had it in the guestbedroom as decoration but I switched some things around and now it's in my bedroom and I even have space to spare for more plush in the future! So happy about this, it was really bothering me I couldn't find a suitable cabinet to display them in :)

So without further ado I present my plushies!


And some close ups of my plush collection as it sits now :)



Also still sorta using the chair as it felt empty without the plushies



Last week I made a first attempt at making a pokemon outfit for my dogs.
I'm really no sewing master or anything and I will probably totally remake this outfit sometime and make it so much better but this already took me a lot of time and effort and I'm happy how it turned out mostly :)

So Gijsje is now able to play Fennekin! He's not too bothered by it at all, but he didn't really feel like posing for the photos, when I didn't look for a moment he decided to go to bed all by himself, I added some of my plushies and well I can only say the results were just so cute I have to share with everyone ^^

When I have my sewing machine back I'll trun my other doggies into little pokemons aswell, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

Hello I'm Gijsjekin and this is my crew!


You talkin to me?




Are we done here mom or what? Because I'm so tiiiiiireeeeed :)


Sleeping with my cuddlebuddy!


Hmmmmm I'm so comfy, no way I'm going to pose for you mom :p


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have a great night :)


In the mail today!

So today I got to new sweeties in the mail! I got them through a GA on pkmncollectors and I'm super happy with them :)



So I'm not a big poster on here but i hope to change that a bit...

Starting off I went to F.A.C.T.S in Ghent Yesterday and I had a great time Cosplaying Serena. I trew this cosplay together last minute so I know it's far from perfect but I liked it anyway ^^

As I currently don't have acces to the cardreader thingy my pictures of the actual convention will be added later but here is what I took at home with my giant 1:1 Fennekin Akari, I only took my small one to Facts because I didn't want my giant to get hurt or dirty.

Also note the hat wasn't done when I took those pictures and the socks were slacking off badly whenever I walked around 'over the knee' yeah right only if you're not 1.73 I think ...




Added a few pictures from F.A.C.T.S. :)

With my little Sister Shelly <3

Fennekin fears nothing not even giant whooly creatures ^^


Serena found a knight in shining armour!


And last but not least the loot!


The buttons are made by Webbleart (she is super talented I wanted to buy more but restrained myself :D)